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Creative Writer


  • Created interactive cityscape quests; users must follow my directions, complete my challenges and riddles with clues, and learn about local history while following a storyline.

  • Researched historical events and incorporated them into a fictional narrative.


Brussels Land of Comic Books

- Wrote the complete quest: storyline, historical facts, and clues

Medieval Nuremberg

- Wrote the historical facts


Old Town Lyon: WWII Escape​​

- Wrote the complete quest: storyline, historical facts, and clues

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Content Writing

The NJM Group

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Music Reviews


  • Where is Leroy?

Where is Leroy? An unpinnable collection of electric boom bap hip hop to smooth dream-beat melodies, complemented by escapist lyrics and a steady tempo.

His music explores the relatable nuances of everyday life, delivered with a quick wit and unapologetic honesty. An affair of well-timed humour, bounce, and sordid releases.

Each song differs in stylistic delivery, tied together through rhythmic beats, dark comedy and underlining meaning, creating a holistic expression of daily life.

Born in Queensland, Australia, Leroy Jackson is a Melbourne based artist.

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Indie Music

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Triple J Unearthed

  • Bluedove

Bluedove is an eclectic fusion of blues, country, and bedroom folk. He explores the nuances of mortality, questioning and peering through the veil of reality.

His first album, ‘SOMBER SONGS, SOMBER ROOM’, strongly resonates with influences Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Serge Gainsbourg. The album comprises of 15 songs, each confronting and seeking escape from the imposed norm.

Bluedove’s second album, ‘short story long’ is a concoction of an electronic dreamscape guiding a journey through song and passages of somber realities.

Composing in both English and French, Bluedove invents and reinvents lyrics from his creation and musings of others, often bringing poetry into song.

Bluedove is a songwriter folk singer from Nantes, France. He has composed over 35 songs.

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CBNFVR      2016

Sigur Rós

For fans of the Iceland group, Sigur Rós their patient wait is over. After a three-year gap they

have released 'Óveður', their much-anticipated new track. An unnerving and gritty piece,

defined by spaced out pulsing beats and complimented by soothing, trancelike vocals, eases

you into an erratic dreamscape.

The track has been released with an official music video. Along with stunning visuals shot in Icelandic town Grindavík, by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund, it features an Icelandic choreographer Erna Ómarsdóttir, as she journeys through

her wonderland. The music video is intensely vivid with unforgettable and haunting scenes, which perfectly complement the track's surreal state.

This eerie lullaby will sweep you away.

Music Video:


Smooth, serene and soulful. A poignant ballad defined by emotive vocals and warm soothing

beats. Single debut - Down in The Dark - introduces Kathryn Rollins’ new music/art project –

Onomoto.  An eclectic artist - Perth born now Melbourne based - cultivates her intriguing talents as a

songwriter, singer and photographer, and the result? Raw, powerful and refreshing tunes.

Such a rare find – a voice that is both delicate and strong as hell. Kathryn strikingly challenges

genres via her bold combinations and smooth transitions - securing her spot and splashing

colour onto the Australian music scene. ‘Down In The Dark’ single is released this week

together with her new interactive website debut, a project seamlessly combining her musical

compositions alongside photographic visuals.

Onomoto Website:


Trivium returns with the titular song from its new album, ‘Silence in the Snow’, delivering its’ latest installation with dramatic flair. A powerful introduction is followed by theatrical melody with short, consistent and deliberate beats.

The crisp and clean vocals draw a stark contrast with Trivium’s previous tone, however, while retaining its power metal influences plus energetically hooking ascending and descending patterns, this track delivers a perfect sample of what’s to be expected for Trivium’s new sound. 

Music Video:

Sticky Fingers

If you haven’t heard these guys, jump on it, emerge from whatever rock you’ve been hibernating under and check them out. Sticky Fingers formed after Dylan Frost (vocals/guitar) and Paddy Cornwell (bass/vocals) met as fellow buskers in 2008. Hailing from Sydney, Sticky Fingers have been and continue to be exciting and fresh. Indulge yourself in joyful and melodic music – these guys will alter your state of mind.

Their sound is a delicious fusion of pop psychedelic beats, light reggae with a touch of indie rock. Aspects of their music remind me of a mix of Australian Strokes meets soft Marley beats cross with Pink Floyd’s psych sound – and it totally works, despite how contradictory that might sound. The result? I’m utterly smitten.

I’ve had these guys on repeat for the past week, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon. Upon first listen, I’m hooked. Their latest single – Our Town – fills the air with warmth and excitement. Starting out with steady drumbeats, which are soon met with unique and light vocals, the melody is defined by its uplifting guitar, awesome riffs, a very smooth bassline and complimented by electric keys/synth. It immerses you into an immediate chill-out mode - prompting fond memories of sunny arvos and drinks with friends at the local.

Sticky Fingers are currently on tour at Splendor in the Grass.

Check out Our Town’s music video.
Our Town – Sticky Fingers:


Melbourne solo musician, songwriter and producer Yeo, dropped a fresh tune recently – Got No Game.
The multitalented artist charmingly combines his skills as a vocalist, keyboardist, drum programmer and bass player – resulting in unique and organic music.

The track opens with pulsing trance that is offset with joyful hooks. Catchy pop beats, crisp drums and colourful lyrics – this electric single definitely has game. Features on new album Ganbaru – check out Yeo on the ‘Got No Game’ tour September this year.
Music Video:

The Wildbloods

Sydney’s rock n’ roll band The Wildbloods’, have released their new tune ‘Don’t be shy’, which is anything but.
The band - quite literally - of brothers started with Johnny (vocals, guitar). As a solo acoustic rock artist, he encouraged and inspired his brothers to pick up instruments of their own. A clearly musical family, Justin (lead guitar), Joshua (drums) and Jared (bass) deliver invitingly deliciously catchy beats that haven’t been heard since the mid-2000s. That beautiful era of ‘alternative rock’ just before indie became an overused term.

‘Don’t be shy’ is quick, light and clean. Combined with the grungy and static metal riffs, its’ guitar chords conjured memories of early albums by The Killers – Hot Fuss - mashed with Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not - feel.
The fast-paced drumming is upbeat, fun and consistent, had me longing for an early return to summer beers and beach trips. Now touring this July, Australia wide, this uplifting track is definitely a credit to the Australian music scene.

Music Video:

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Website Bio


Galata Express is a collection of musicians exploring Turkish gypsy sound with influence from

Eastern European sounds. The Melbourne-based band’s members have come from near and far, hailing from places like Turkey, Macedonia, Australia and New Zealand.

They’ve all travelled widely, playing music with Romani musicians in Turkey and Europe. Along the way, they picked up melodies, rhythms and experiences that would later influence Galata Express` unique sound.

Performing all over the city for the past two years, Galata Express has taken the stage at some of Melbourne’s biggest venues and festivals. Attracting large crowds at their sell-out gigs, Galata Express have played at Woodford Folk Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, Lonsdale Street Greek ‘Antipodes’ Festival, The Evelyn Hotel, The Gasometer Hotel, The Post Office

Hotel, The Night Cat as well as intimate music venues like Bar Open, Wesley Anne, Open Studio and Spotted Mallard.

The band was also proud to have played at a fundraiser performance for the Refugee Action Collective in 2016.

This multicultural band attracts and adores differentiation of culture and bringing people together to dance, escape and enjoy. The band released their debut album "Cus" in June 2017.

So, close your eyes and let this bohemian band take you straight to the gypsy streets of Istanbul. You’ll dance, laugh and sometimes cry with the energetic melodies of Australia`s favourite Turkish gypsy band, Galata Express.

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Television Series Reviews

Three different yet, classic takes on Artificial Intelligence - RMIT PROJECT

Battlestar Galatica

This TV adapted space odyssey is set in a different galaxy, about the cycle of the creation of life, and the nature of overthrowing one’s predecessors. After creating artificial life named the ‘Cylons’, the A.I. soon rebelled against their human creators and their coup d'état resulted in exile. Years later they return... destroying all the human cities only the soldiers and few civilian ships are out in space, witnessing the destruction of their worlds. No longer subject to a ‘toaster’ robotic and metallic form, the Cylons have self-improved their intelligence and physical forms. Now they return wearing the faces of their makers (human features not actual face cut outs, gross), the ‘skin jobs’ unrecognisable and unbeknownst to any human. The only hope for the humans is to flee and find the last colony of their brothers and sisters, Earth.

Person of Interest

Created by Jonathan Nolan and produced by J.J. Abrams, this series focuses on the creation of an A.I. ‘The Machine’ a massive network system that existed in the U.S. government created after the terrorist attack on the twin towers ‘9/11’, to pre-emptively combat and predict any future attacks. The man who created ‘The Machine’, Harold, created an A.I. god and then caged it. Wary of those who would abuse the power and control of an open target system, he restricted ‘The Machine’ to only produce a set of social security numbers and then programmed the A.I. to wipe itself and reboot every day. These set of social security numbers existed in two categories; ‘relevant’ and ‘irrelevant’. ‘Relevant’, meaning whoever those people whose social security numbers belonged to, were relevant to social security. The ‘irrelevant’ list was, as it suggests, not as important to the US government, these people were either perpetrators or victims, either way harming or in harm’s way. While in hiding Harold hires somewhat intelligent ex-government agents to be the muscle, while he guides them through technological means. While the government is using the system ‘The Machine’ it continues building new A.I. to replace ‘The Machine’ so as to occupy an open system which they can control, enabling them to pinpoint and find whoever they are after. A dangerous system in the wrong hands, or to Harold, any hands. With his team ‘team Machine’ they aid those the government would deem irrelevant. Person of Interest is an interesting take on artificial intelligence, instead of creating an A.I. with a physical body, it focuses on a much more realistic approach. With applications and systems that respond directly to your everyday needs such as Siri, Google Photos, Cloud, self-driving cars, and new home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa that you program to update you like when it’s time to go to bed, make toast, pick up dry cleaning, Person of interest has realistically created a system exactly like those, only on a much larger, terrorist finding, scale.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror has revolutionised the way we think about science fiction television. Labelled as the new ‘x-files’, this TV show presents the delights and (literal) horrors of technology, and A.I. Each episode conducts an individual storyline separate from the rest of the series. While not focusing solely on artificial intelligence, it does touch on the subject quite a few times and in different ways. It is a show that reflects future ideas and possibilities of technology and how humans may adapt and implement that technology into their daily lives. The aim of this British series is to really amplify how technology can change us and destroy lives as well as uplift them. Usually, it begins by showing the unique aspects of the technology of the episode at the very start. We are shown from the beginning of how inspiring the technology can be, and the possibilities that arise from it. Slowly, however, through each episode, horrors are revealed, either about the technology itself or the way that it can be used and misused. A stark window into the future of the technology.

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