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Experience & Expertise

English Language Teacher

July 2020 - Now

Vas teaches English as a foreign language online to adults through Le Comptoir de Langues. The language school is based in Paris but teaches to people all over France.

Project-based Creative Writer

Questo September 2020 - Now

  • Created interactive cityscape quests; users must follow my directions, complete my challenges and riddles with clues, and learn about local history while following a storyline.

  • Researched historical events and incorporated them into a fictional narrative.

List Writer

Game Rant Feb 2020 - July 2020

Vas creates listicles relevant to the gaming community. She pitches article ideas and highlights snippets of gaming news.

Article Writer


On this site, Vas creates articles that she feels strongly about. This is a personal space for Vas to write about some of the many random ideas she has. The subjects in this course ranged from grant writing to fiction writing, how to create and edit websites, as well as refine my skills as a writer and an editor.

Content Writer

The NJM Group

Vas worked as a content writer for the NJM Group in Australia. While working for this company, Vas wrote regular articles, highlighting the company's products and linking them to contemporary events. 

During her time at the NJM Group, Vas; 

  • Created a style guide for the company

  • Managed the company’s SEO handling on their social media pages 

  • Researched current events to find relevance to link with the company’s products

  • Produced tag lines

  • Wrote professional emails

  • Wrote product specifications worksheets

  • Grammatically edited the company’s website

  • Used several applications such as Adobe Premium Pro and Photoshop

Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Classics

La trobe University

Studying a Bachelor of Arts provided Vas with great a scope of knowledge and a vast resource of subjects that analysed the human condition through narrative. The double major of Literature and Classics created a range of writing styles throughout time, allowing Vas to examine and understand texts written in different contexts.

Literature Subjects:

  • ENG1ILS         Introduction to literature: The short story

  • ENG1TCV       Text, criticism and the visual

  • ENG2GOT       Gothic literature and its children

  • ENG2RJA        Re-thinking Jane Austen

  • ENG2BAR       British and American romanticism

  • ENG2NAA       Narrative Analysis

  • ENG3CRM       The crisis of meaning in the 21st century

  • ENG3WRP       Writing Poetry

  • ENG3ALT        American literature

  • ENG3NOV       The history of the novel

Classics Subjects:

  • ANG1BEA       Ancient Greek beginners 1A

  • ANG1BEB       Ancient Greek beginners 1B

  • ANG1AMC      Ancient Mediterranean culture – the Greek achievement

  • ANG2HHH      From Homer to Hollywood: The perennial Greek hero/heroine

  • MDS3CLM      Classical mythology

  • MDS3EPR        Epics of Rome

  • MDS3DBA       Death, burial and afterlife

  • MDS3TGW      The Greek world: Archaic and Classical​

Humanities Subjects - Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Philosophy & Sociology:​

  • ARC1DAR       Discovering Archaeology

  • ARC1AAC       Archaeology of ancient civilisations

  • HIS1MLH        Myth, legend and history

  • HUS1PWR       Professional writing: words in action

  • ANT2SPS        Symbols and society

  • ARC2ANM      Ancient Maya civilisation of Mexico and Guatemala

  • PHI2PAM        Plato, Nietzsche and the meaning of being

  • ARH3AOB       Art of Byzantium and Rome

  • SOC3SOC       Sociology of culture: Shakespeare and contemporaries

Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University provided great knowledge and insight into the industry of writing in the 21st century. This course gave me the skills to become a well-rounded writer, prepared to write for a range of platforms and topics.

The subjects in this course ranged from grant writing to fiction writing, how to create and edit websites, as well as refine my skills as a writer and an editor. 


  • Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge - Grant Writing

  • Write non-fiction

  • Refine editing skills

  • Write content for a range of media

  • Interpret and respond to a design brief

  • Write content for web pages

  • Provide services on a freelance basis

  • Major projects

  • Write extended stories

  • Refine writing skills

  • Conduct research

  • Desktop publishing

    • Produce​ complex desktop published documents

    • Produce and prepare photo images

TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Vas completed a 120 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language course with the International Tefl and Tesol Training - ITTT

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