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Australian Bollards is a subdivision of the NJM Group that manufactures and provides turnkey solutions and security products Australiawide.


 Australian Bollards

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Academic References

Astrid Edwards                                                                                                                      




  • Teaches writing at RMIT University

  • Program Coordinator of RMIT University’s Associate Degree of Writing and Editing

  • Board member of Melbourne Writers Festival

  • Host and Director of ‘The Garret’, a literary podcast

  • Director at Bad Producer Productions

  • Member of the Committee of Management at Writers Victoria

Melissa Cranenburgh                                                                                                 




  • Teaches writing at RMIT University

  • Hosts Triple R’s flagship weekly book show, Backstory

  • Worked as acting senior editor for The Big Issue

  • Co-Edited the Big Issue’s annual fiction edition

  • Chairs events at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival

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